Silicone sealant 、adhesive equipment
Filling equipment
    Silicone sealant filling machine
    Cyanoacrylate(super glue)filling machine
    Other adhesive filling machine
Mixing equipment
NY hydraulic pressure feeder
Laboratory equipment
Adhesive Peripherals
Compelet silicone sealant produce line
Cosmetic  equipment
Vacuum Emulsifying Machine
RO water treatment equipment
Flowing water production line
Filling equipment
Whole cosmetic produce line
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  Located at the west of the Big River,the side of XiHui park,the WuXi QunXing Chemical Equipment CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer engaged in developing,producing and sales of varius mechanical equipment supplied to cosmetics, pharmaceutical,glue,coating,printing ink,delicate chemical industries.

  The company always puts technology development at its first place.Keeping pace with the advanced technology around the world and by the special efforts of its own,the company now offers more than 30 kinds of its products to market which are developed to meet the needs of home customers.Its main products,to name a few,covers vacuum emulsifying mixer, reaction pot device,packing machine set,teleinfrared shrinkage packing machine silica sealant filling & sealing(with pressed cover)machine,instant glue filling & sealing(with screw cover)machine,and many other end-sealing machines which are suitable for various metallic,plastic,and compound tubes.The last two machines mentioned above are uniqueproducts of the type in home market.

  Facing a market full of competition,the company believes in a conception of "Based on talents,keeping innovation, customer first"andsupplies to the market with a variety of its products with different specifications.The company values the spirit of development, improvement, unity, efficiency,above anything else and will try its best to win the trust of customers and establish a good reputation of products by offering products of reliable performance,high quality, advanced technology,reasonable price,and best service.The company has established a long and stable relationship of cooperation with many enterprises and has supplied equipment to them.

  We will never stop pursuing for better and are willing to challenge ourserves.We will keep innovated and always offer the always offer the best to our customers.