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Name:502 Glue Filling and Sealing Machine
Related Products:Filling machine
Label:502 Glue Filling and Sealing Machine
Time:2011/6/23 13:58:20

Metal aluminum casting machine is the latest factory successfully developed products. Mainly used in metal tubes for packaging containers, materials, products for the ointment filling and sealing connection Print batch at once. This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, adhesive, chemical and other areas of product packaging.

It applies to the production of adhesives and other units such as: 502 glue, nail glue, paint and other products for filling and sealing.

1Work process
Artificial dividing the metal tubes into the aluminum plate on the nylon tube seat, to drive the translocation of mechanical, optical detection (with filling tube, no tube no filling) metering pump quantitative filling and sealing, printing a completed, the finished product after sealing automatically launch.

2Structural features
The machine uses the plunger method, precise filling, measurement error is less than 0.5%, non-drip, stepless speed, two-way Orio, is the most advanced of the horseshoe-shaped structure, sealing beautiful, simple, filling, sealing, printing a complete, and completely solved in the production process and packaging drawing widespread leakage after the end of a common problem. To prevent the material encapsulated in the transport and storage after curing caused the phenomenon.

3Main technical parameters 

Tank filling and sealing machine

Syringe filling and sealing machine

XB-30-type plastic blister machine
The machine used for adhesives, stationery, tools, miscellaneous items sealed bell-type packaging can be designed according to requirements of a two, a four, or a twelve.