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Name:Metal Tube Filling and Sealing Production Line
Related Products:Filling machine
Label:Filling machine
Time:2011/6/23 14:01:08
Uses and Features
Apply cream, viscose materials to metal tubes like container packing and sealing, cylinder control of quantitative measurement equipment, automatic filling and sealing, interface design and venting system features such as counting, with measurement accuracy, the degree of automation high, reduce staff, reduce labor intensity and other characteristics; after several design and improvement, humanity has reached the design, easy operation, good stability; machine is mainly used for medicine, cosmetics and other units of production such as: dermatitis level, toothpaste, eye ointment, shoe polish, hair dye, Fuqing Song, etc. filling and sealing products.
Riga barrel full of material, metal tubes inserted artificial dividing the coil block, the use of machinery to mass-bit, optical detection device to confirm a tube in the working position, the material poured into the tube through a metering pump within the quantitative and sealing machine tube for sealing, printing, sealing the finished product after the automatic ejection.