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Name:Metal tubes plastic filling and sealing machine
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Label:Filling machine
Time:2011/6/23 15:34:52
     Silicone sealant filling and sealing machine is designed for adhesive manufacturers to the latest factory development of new products of this type is mainly used as packaging containers of metal tubes, silicone sealant products for quantitative filling and sealing. May according to user requirements; specially designed for packaging containers of plastic tube of silicon sealant filling and sealing.

Structural features:

The machine uses piston filling method, precise filling (can be adjusted), measurement error is less than 1% when the hose at the bottom of the machine perfusion expected to rise to close to the mouth, decreased perfusion in the hose at the same time, so that the material inside the bubble tube to a minimum. pneumatic feed lips also set-off valve, close the valve, the mouth does not drip feed. feed lips at the same time with an inert gas filling device, which solves the process of filling the tail. drawing and other common problem, and storage of materials in the process of filling and solidification phenomenon does not produce the machine is variable speed, bi-directional four fold sealing, sealing beautiful, simple, filling, sealing, printing a complete, simple, practical, reliable.

Main technical parameters:

Filling volume 30 --- 125ml
Specification Φ22-35mm diameter aluminum pipe length 100-220mm
Dimensions (mm) 1130 * 750 * 1850 user with a compressor 0.7Mpa, 0.4Mpa Gas Consumption
Weight (kg) 450 千克 Input voltage: 220V 50HZ
Production capacity :30-45 / min (adjustable)

Motor power 1.1KW
Structural features
The aircraft external pressure feeder, use the plunger filling method on the artificial tube, artificial to the standard, optical detection (with no tube no filling tube filling), the aircraft stepless speed, bi-fold and four fold Sealing , sealing beautiful, simple operation, automatic filling, sealing, printing, out of control one time. 
Facilities with dry air barrels a molecular sieve, a rubber hose with quick connector.Special circumstances in the filling before and after silicone oil spray device can be installed