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Name:Multifunctional dispersion mixer series
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Label:Multifunctional dispersion mixer series
Time:2011/6/23 16:33:53
    The machine is a versatile and efficient high-viscosity dispersion mixer for chemical industry, light industry, food, pharmaceuticals, building materials, pesticides and other industries of solid - liquid, liquid - liquid materials, mixing, reaction, solution, dispersion and other processes; such as adhesives, silicone sealants, polyurethane rubber, battery fluid, acrylic rubber, automotive sealants, and plastic packaging, cream and paste-like materials, grease and paint, paste, cosmetics, ink and pigments and emulsions, pastes and additives for food production; can be customized according to customer requirements and specifications of various multi-functional material viscosity dispersion mixer.

Working principle, structure and characteristics
     The machine uses a unique mixing body, under the tank immobile; middle paddle scraping the bottom with a slow movement scraping the wall, bottom material to be pushed up and, Tongbi push material to the middle, both sides of the high-speed dispersion mixer, the material rapidly broken, scattered (FM transmission speed process requirements), so that the movement of materials through high-speed, by the strong shearing and kneading, the material can be fully mixed, the machine will not be mixed dead, the device uses a unique mechanical seal , to be vacuum bubbles, stirrer in the form of materials designed to disperse under the wheel, paddle, butterfly, and other forms of propulsion for the combination of style and choice.
     The machine consists of high-speed motor, cycloidal reducer, gearbox, columns, bearings, cover, lower tank, floor, electrical control cabinet, composed of several parts such as hydraulic, gear box inside the fuel tank in the column under the impetus of can move up and down movement; under the barrel under it to move freely with Hand casters.

Technical parameters