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Label:Multi-purpose reactor
Time:2011/6/23 16:35:48

     Factory production reactor, with many varieties, advanced technology, stable quality, stable transmission, easy to operate; widely used in chemical, food, paint, hot melt, silicone rubber, resin, etc.; from small to large-scale production trial , targeted design to meet different process requirements.

       Reactor from the pot, lid, stirrer, jacket, bearing and gear, shaft seal devices, components, materials and openings can be developed based on the user's process requirements. Heating in the form of electric heating, oil heating, gas heating, water heating (or cooling), fire heating. Jacket into the form: semi-jacketed and the outer tube, jacket heating oil type are equipped with diversion devices. Stir in the form generally paddle, anchor, box-type, spiral strip, scraping the wall and so on. High-speed class has dispersed impeller, turbine, high shear, propeller type, for customers to choose according to the process. Transmission in the form of ordinary motor, explosion-proof motor, electromagnetic motor, inverter, etc., have cycloid gear wheel, worm-type, planetary stepless variable speed type. Seal packing seal for the ordinary water cooling, combined PTFE packing, mechanical seals; the material in the form of various types of ball, the next show wide. Matching accessories are: snake within the reactor cooling coil, the high slot, distillation columns, vertical condenser, elbow, horizontal condenser, receiver, buffer tank, spiral plate heat exchangers and other options for customers.