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Name:Automatic Plastic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine
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Time:2011/7/12 8:49:17
SGF-50 automatic composite pipe (plastic) filling and sealing machine
Brief description
 SGF-50 automatic tube filling and sealing machine compound widely toothpaste, pharmaceuticals and other industries used for various types of aluminum casting Cream, lotion, oil, etc. It applies to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other units of production such as: Pi Yan Ping, toothpaste, eye ointment, shoe polish, hair dye, Fuqing Song, oils and other products for filling and sealing.
The use of twelve-station equipment design, automatic control of color, filling, sealing in heat, pressure tooth pattern, out of control. Control part of the PLC control system, the machine work more accurate and stable. All contact parts with material of stainless steel, acid, corrosion. Pipe with quick clamp connection, loading and unloading easy, fast, lightweight. Valve used to switch valves, cleaning is very easy, no filth of the place. There are four folding sealing method available. Translocation using precision cam indexing mechanism, accurate positioning smooth. Translocation motor adopts frequency control, the user can adjust the speed.
Optional control box, sealed hopper, heated hopper, automatic feeding, shields and other devices.
Main technical parameters
Power supply:         220VAC/50HZ equipment power: 0.75KW
Air consumption:      0.3 m3 / Mpa Air Supply: 0.6Mpa
Volume of irrigation: A 5-50ml adjustable adjustable B 15-125ml 
                      C 30-200ml adjustable
Tube diameter:        Φ16 -55 mm hose length: 70 -250 mm
Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% Production capacity: 30-40 sticks / MIN
Dimensions:           1200 × 1000 × 1600 mm
Weight:               550 kg