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Name:KSH-100 Three-dimensional high-speed mixer
Related Products:KSH-100 Three-dimensional high-speed mixer
Label:KSH-100 Three-dimensional high-speed mixer
Company:qunxing machinery
Time:2012/10/30 13:41:29
KSH-100 Three-dimensional high-speed mixer
Three-dimensional high-speed mixer is the rapid test equipment ,use for mixed the materials such as paste and paste ,paste and powder ,powder and powder . etc (such as silicone, polyurethane, acrylic resin, polysulfide and epoxy resins, etc.),also can use for Coatings, paints, pigments,、liquid or paste one or more components of the mixture of products.
2-The principle and structure:
The electrical and working platforms of high-speed mixer all covered in a sturdy metal housings  ,The interior is a high-power motor drive the three-dimensional rotating head  high-speed rotation ,Centrifugal force make materials and materials Impact each other ,Form a uniform mixture ;Mixing container is clear plastic cup ,the cup weight is 30g,inside size is Ф62×55mm,capacity is 0.5L,materials feeding range 40~110g.
3-Operation ,just according the formula put the materials in the plastic cup. Stirring time about 15 seconds each ,usually make a new formula only need 2-3 minutes。The plastic cup can be repeated use.
4.Size (mm):285×445×480。
5.Power :Two-phase AC,220V,50Hz。
6.Total power:370W