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Name:DQF-5LLaboratory dispersion mixer
Related Products:Laboratory mixing machine
Label:Laboratory dispersion mixer
Company:qunxing machinery
Time:2012/10/30 13:47:20
Laboratory mixer 7L
一、       Technical parameters:
1、 Designed pressure:Atmospheric pressure or vacuum ﹤-0.095Mpa
2、 Designed temperature: normal temperature
3、 Working voltage:380V;50Hz
4、 Motor power:1.5KW ,Distributed motor:1.5KW Hydraulic station motor:0.55KW
5、 Inner dia. of pot(mm):φ250 mm×150mm。
6、 Designed Volume(L):     7L          。
7、 Material of main body:Stainless steel 304。With water-cooled jacket.
8、 Mix motor power(Kw):   0.55    。
9、 Mix ways: Planetary motion of two axis and one multi-layered blade type scraper. Independent dispersion plate
10、    revolution speed:1-75r/min(VFD);rotation: 2-160r/min(VFD)。Dispersion axis speed:50-5000r/min(VFD)
11、    Lifting height of pot-lid(mm): 200
12、    Dimension(mm):1200×980×1950(Static state)。
13、    Total weight(Kg):960。