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Name:XJ-600L Planet Dispersion mixer machine
Related Products:XJ-600L Planet Dispersion mixer machine
Label:XJ-600L Planet Dispersion mixer machine
Company:qunxing machinery
Time:2012/10/30 13:59:15
Customizable capacity(2L-1500L)

XJ---600L Planet Mixer Technical Data
This machine is a mightiness agitator of several blades and mixer shafts designed for silicone sealant.The blades crossing-over can satisfy acidity and neutrality adhesive made technics.Also it can be used in prouduct of dynamic viscosity(10,000-1,000,000)CPS,it can adjust the materials of solid-solid,solid-liquid,liquid-liquid to mix, reaction, dissolve, disperse, vacuumize. It suits for making adhesive, silicone sealant, acrylate adhesive, encapsulation adhesive, ointment, starchy material, additive and so on.
二、Principle and structure:
This machine adopts unique and high-performance mix structure, down-charging basket is fixed.The machine is made of three or two group layered blade blender.It has wall scraper and bottom sharp knife, with driving of planetary pinion carrier,it scrapes kettle wall and kettle bottom to achieve disperse, agitate, mix,it will not appear mix dead center.The equipment adopts mechanical sealing, it can vacuumze and defoaming.
The machine is composed of high and low speed motor, cycloid reduction box, wheel box, upright column, bearing block, top head, down charging basket, bottom board, electric control cabinet, hydraulic pressure station etc. wheel box can up and down with the impulsing of oil cylinder in upright column. There are wheel under the down-charging basket, so it can be pulled by hand to move freely.