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Name:DQF-1100L dispersing and mixer machine
Related Products:dispersing and mixer machine
Label:dispersing and mixer machine
Company:qunxing machinery
Time:2012/10/31 10:22:39
Specifications can be customized from 2L-1500L

DQF  LMulti-functional powerful dispersing and mixer machine:
一、: Usage
This machine is a agitator designed for silicone sealant. The revolution and rotation of blades can satisfy different adhesive technology so as to improve efficiency. It can be used in production of mix, reaction, dispersing and vacuum degassing of solid-liquid, liquid-liquid material with viscosity (10,000-1,500,000)CPS. It also applicable for the production of silicone sealant,  industrial adhesive, acrylate adhesive, encapsulation adhesive, ointment, starchy material, additive and so on
二、: Working principle and structure
This machine adopts multi-layered blade plug-in mix structure, revolution and rotation: with down-charging basket fixed, blade makes full movement, Wall scraper pushes material to the center with VFD so as to shear and knead it with great power. The material can be mixed fully without dead center. With mechanical sealing, the machine can be vacuumed and defoamed.