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Name:SGX-30 super glue filling and cappig machine
Related Products:filling and capping machine
Label:super glue flling
Company:qunxing machinery
Time:2015/5/19 8:24:01

The machine is factory technicians according to conditions of a new product successfully developed, this one compact machine for small bottle of liquid filling volume (eg, 502 glue) the automatic filling, capping and other operations. This model carried by 16 stations to walk, to walk the course to complete a series of work. In the use of self-priming suction device, filling the same time, through artificial cover, and then used to automatically set the torque head screw cap that can screw the lid to ensure the accuracy needed to Chengdu, then the automatic ejector mechanism will have been completed workpiece ejection.
 The machine structure is rational, more convenient operation, suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, adhesives, biological products, health products, chemical industry and other industries used in plastic bottles of liquid filling and capping.
 Machine filling in the form of two kinds: one is the suction-type needle, the other is the gravity-type tank.