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Name:150L vacuum emulsification unit--buquan
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Label:150L vacuum emulsification unit
Time:2011/6/23 8:56:37
       The company's QKR emulsion machine used for a variety of creams, lotions, ointments and other high-speed vacuum cutting dispersed so that the products produced no grain shiny, delicate and flexible. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries. Pot design has no dead ends, equipped with CIP cleaning and disinfection system, the pot surface finish 300EMSH (pharmaceutical grade) all in accordance with the GMP requirements of the design.
Key Features
     QKR emulsion feed unit to automatically lift the lid, water pan. Pan of the material through the pipeline can be inhaled directly in a vacuum emulsifying pot, the emulsion material way for turning down the pot pot material, by electric or steam tube inside the sandwich on the pan is heated heat transfer medium to achieve the material heating, the heating temperature can be set to automatically control. Cooling water in the interlayer can access the material for cooling, easy to operate. Convenient, laminated peripheral insulation layer. Emulsifier and the impeller can be used separately, can also be used simultaneously. Particles of the material. Emulsion. Mix, mix thoroughly, dispersion can be quickly completed. Contact with the material parts of the high-quality stainless steel (medical use of 316L) material, the inner surface of mirror-polished, vacuum mixing device hygiene, the use of the GMP standard of hygiene standards. Is the best cream, cream production equipment.